Indian supporters and Khalistanis fight in Mississauga, Canada, on the eve of Diwali

Nikita Shahi
New Update

In Mississauga, Canada, on Monday night during the Diwali celebration, 400 to 500 individuals got into a fight, according to police.

An online video of the incident, which occurred in the Malton region, is going viral. In the footage, police officers are seen attempting to divide the people at a Diwali festival. While one group was holding banners in favour of the Khalistan referendum movement, the other was spotted waving Indian flags.


On Monday night, Peel Regional Police received complaints of a dispute near Goreway and Etude drives. Hundreds of individuals fighting in a nearby parking lot, according to information that the police received, they claimed.

Officers were informed that fireworks had been set off in a mall parking lot. Peel police remained uncertain, though, as to whether this sparked the incident. There have been no arrests made.

India has requested Canada to prevent the so-called "Khalistan Referendums" that the anti-Indian elements planned to hold on November 6 in Ontario. The Center has urged the Canadian government to take action against anybody who incites terror or violence against the largest democracy in the world.

The matter of the referendum held by separatist organisations has been brought up with the Canadian High Commission in Delhi as well as with Canadian authorities, as per External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.