International students ‘stealing our jobs’, says Indian Canadians

Written by Meeshika Sharma

Published on : July 10, 2018 9:58

International students ‘stealing their jobs’, says Indian Canadians

The Indian community residing in Brampton has opinion that the International students are stealing their jobs by working overtime while many international students feel that they are just seen as mere cash cows by the academic institutions and local community.

Supporting the fact that International students are taking their jobs, Abhinav Patel from Brampton has written a letter to PM Justin Trudeau blaming Indians and largely students hailing from Punjab .

He wrote, “Those students work overtime stealing our jobs. Go to your home, we have been here for twenty years and still feeding our kids…All we want is strong regulations in place. Employers benefit as they pass less than the minimum wages to the students  and students gets to work beyond 20 hours per week.”

This is the discussion  that came out in a recent Townhall Meeting that was held to address issues of growing violence in Brampton. It also came out that the for all violent incidents its not the International students who are to be blamed.

International Students on the other hand are afraid of the changing equations between them and Canadian Policy makers amid recent violent incidents where International students are at large blamed.

Parminder Sandhu from Humber College shares the same feeling. One of the student from Sheridan College said that the locals are trying to paint them in different way.The moment the students talk about their rights, locals take offense.



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