IRCC approves Pearson Test of English for Canadian immigration applications

Skilled worker candidates now have access to a total of five language tests

IRCC has recently declared that the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is now approved for all Canadian immigration applications.

PTE Essential will join CELPIP and IELTS General Training as one of three authorized language tests that skilled employees will be able to pass to show their English language ability to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada starting in “late 2023.” (IRCC).

Skilled worker candidates now have access to a total of five language tests, which were all approved by PTE Essential. These tests include the three English language tests, as well as the TEF Canada and TCF Canada, both of which are French language tests that have been designated by IRCC.

To prove their capacity to establish themselves economically in Canada, IRCC requires all skilled worker candidates to pass language proficiency exams. As per the data from Statistics Canada, economic integration in Canada is strongly predicted by high levels of English and/or French language ability.

IRCC has not defined when skilled worker candidates will be able to submit PTE in support of their Canadian immigration applications, although it has stated on its website that it expects to be able to do so by the end of 2023.

For immigrants of all economic backgrounds, Canada offers more than 100 alternative routes. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Express Entry are the top admissions options under the Immigration Levels Plan 2023–2025. The Atlantic Immigration Program, Quebec’s skilled worker programs, and other economic class streams all need applicants to pass a language exam that is chosen by IRCC.

Candidates must pass the minimal Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score required for each track in addition to passing an IRCC-designated language test.