“Job hunt made easy:Free suits offered to students through new University of Regina program

Haris Khan, the Union Vice presidents of University of Regina has started URSU Threads to provide students with professional attire for free.A pilot program at the University of Regina aims to help students dress to impress while on the hunt for a job without a hefty price tag.

Khan said,” In the current day and age, there are so many cuts to student funding, so if someone doesn’t have a suit and they are a full-time student, the last thing on their mind is to spend $200 or $300 on a suit jacket.”

He added, “So this program that we are starting is kind of helping them out and to also make them look professional. Once you look professional, you definitely stand above the crowd.”

He set up a partnership through Dress for Success Regina, an organization that provides professional attire to women to help them secure employment,  for female students and set out to find suits for men. Moores Clothing donated around 100 gently used suits to the program and Khan plans on holding a clothing drive in November.

With a hope of success of pilot, Khan says he hopes to give URSU Threads a permanent home and expand it to university alumni and community members.

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