Julie Payette to be installed as Canada’s 29th Governor General

Julie Payette, a 53-year-old former astronaut will become one of the youngest Canadians to take on the title of Governor General.She is going to be  Canada’s 29th Governor General.

Surrounded by family, dignitaries, fellow astronauts and past and present politicians, Julie Payette will be officially installed as Canada’s 29th Governor General today.

One of the first things Julie Payette will do after being installed as the Queen’s representative in Canada is to open an Instagram account.Though her predecessor, David Johnston, never had one. But officials from Heritage Canada say Payette will add to the Governor General’s social media arsenal after taking the oath of office.

Payette, a Montreal-born astronaut, engineer and businesswoman, will be accompanied by her 14-year-old son, Laurier Payette Flynn, as she arrives on Parliament Hill. Her parents and sister and brother will be among the invited guests who will feel the rumble of a 21-gun salute once Payette signs the oath book and stands in front of the Senate throne.