Justin Trudeau reveals Liberal party platform in Mississauga

Written by Ragini Joshi

Published on : September 29, 2019 11:08

Justin Trudeau reveals Liberal party platform in Mississauga
Justin Trudeau reveals Liberal party platform in Mississauga

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau revealed Liberal party platform.


Building a Strong Middle Class : 

Making Life More Affordable
Canada’s economy is strong and growing, but the rising cost of living is making it harder for everyone to share in that success. For too many families, it’s still tough to make ends meet. We will move forward with a real plan to make life more affordable for Canadians – especially the middle class and people who are working hard to join it

Helping Working Canadians Get Ahead
Canadians are among the most skilled and highly educated workers in the world, but even at a time of record-low unemployment, the changing nature of work can make finding and keeping a good job a challenge. We will give working Canadians the help they need to get ahead and keep our economy moving forward.

Building Stronger, Healthier Families
Strong, reliable, and publicly funded universal health care is important to everyone and to our economy. When we are in good physical and mental health, with good access to health care and affordable access to the prescription drugs we need to get and stay healthy, we are better able to work, contribute to our communities, and care for our families.

Ensuring A More Secure Retirement For Seniors
After a lifetime of hard work, Canada’s seniors have earned a secure and dignified retirement. They deserve a retirement filled with family and friends, not financial worries. We will continue to move forward with investments that give our seniors a better quality of life, with stronger supports to help make ends meet – especially for our most vulnerable seniors.

Investing In Good, Middle Class Jobs:

Helping Canada ’s Entrepreneurs Succeed And Grow
Canada’s entrepreneurs create jobs. In recent years, their hard work – and the hard work of the people who work for them – have helped push unemployment to historic lows, and given Canada a strong record of economic growth. At the same time, the cost of doing business can be a barrier to continued success. We will make it more affordable for businesses to move forward, grow and create more good jobs

Building Strong Communities, Creating Jobs
Investing in infrastructure creates good, middle class jobs. It helps to keep our economy strong and growing, and from cities and towns to villages and outports, makes our communities good places to call home. We will continue to invest in our communities and deliver a better quality of life for people, no matter where they live.

Investing In Rural Success
Canada’s rural communities are home to millions of Canadians. From the small businesses that create good jobs to the farmers and ranchers that feed Canada and the world, the strength of our economy depends on their hard work and success. We will help our family farms stay strong in challenging times, invest to make sure that our rural communities are home to more good jobs, help connect rural communities with high-speed internet, and continue to make rural success a priority with a dedicated Minister of Rural Economic Development.

Supporting More Trade At Home And Around The World
Trade is essential to Canada’s economic success. It gives Canadian businesses access to new markets and new customers and creates good, middle class jobs – jobs that pay better wages, help families make ends meet, and build strong communities. We will make it easier to trade here at home, and around the world.

Protecting Our Environment And Moving Our Economy Forward :

Fighting And Preparing For Climate Change
Canadians know that climate change is real, and in the last four years, science has made it even more clear that the future of the planet is at risk. Young people understand this – that’s why they are marching in the streets, demanding action. We can’t afford to go back to the Harper years when the Conservatives did nothing about climate change. We need to take our lead from young people and step up our fight against climate change. And we need to do it now.

Making Communities Cleaner, More Efficient, And More Affordable
The choices Canadians make every day – from the renovations we make on our homes to the kinds of cars we drive – have a real and meaningful impact on the environment we share. We will make it easier and more affordable for people and businesses to make choices that leave a cleaner world for our children and grandchildren.

Protecting Canada’s Natural Legacy
Whether camping with our families, learning to swim in a cold lake, going ice fishing with our friends, or watching our kids play in the leaves on a warm fall day, Canada’s extraordinary nature, parks, and wild spaces are central to our identity as Canadians. Canada is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s up to all of us to help keep it that way.

Building A Stronger Canada:

Keeping Canadians Safe
Canadian communities are fundamentally safe and peaceful places to live, work and play – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do. We will continue to move forward with the things that keep Canadians safe today, as we build a safer and more secure world for our children and grandchildren.

Supporting Veterans And Their Families
Veterans have given years of their lives in service to others, driven by a profound sense of duty. So have their families. Both have earned our deep gratitude and respect. We will move forward to make sure that every veteran gets the help they need, and will support their families when they need it, too.

Promoting Equality And Diversity
Canada is one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world – a place where people can be themselves, find comfort in community, and build better lives for themselves and their families. At a time when intolerance and hate is on the rise around the world, we will recommit to being a place where everyone matters, and where no one is left behind.

Arts And Culture
From the writers who tell our stories to the comedians who make us laugh to the artists whose music forms the soundtrack of our lives, Canadians are proud of the creativity we share with each other – and the world.

Protecting And Promoting Official Languages
Along with Indigenous languages, Canada’s history is rooted in both English and French – our two official languages that helped to build a strong country and make us who we are today. Whether spoken at home, at work, among friends, or online, our official languages continue to be important to our sense of identity and essential to our future success.

Helping Canadians Get Better Service
Canadians work hard to take care of their families and communities, and shouldn’t have to shoulder a heavy burden when it comes to getting good quality service – from businesses or from their government. We will make it easier for people to get the help, benefits, and reliable information they deserve.

Strengthening Parliament And Public Institutions
Parliament works best when its members are free to do what they have been elected to do: be the voice for their communities, and hold the government to account. We will take steps to strengthen Parliament and build a stronger public service.

Building A Better Future With Indigenous Peoples :


Closing The Gap With Better Services
In 2015, we promised a new relationship with Indigenous Peoples – one that would help deliver a better quality of life for their families and communities. While we have made a lot of progress together, more work needs to be done to build on the investments we’ve made and keep moving this important relationship – and our country – forward.

Supporting Strong Indigenous Economies
When Indigenous communities have a stake in local projects, and when Indigenous entrepreneurs have the help they need to succeed and grow, everyone benefits.

Continuing On The Path Of Reconciliation
The future of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples, and our ongoing journey of reconciliation, transcends any one government. But that should never be an excuse for inaction. We need to continue to move forward, to a place where Indigenous Peoples in Canada are in control of their own destiny, making their own decisions about their future.

Supporting First Nations Priorities
In the past four years, we have made significant progress on the things that matter to First Nations. We will continue to move forward to advance the priorities identified by First Nations.

Supporting Inuit Priorities
Since 2015, we have made significant progress on the things that matter to Inuit. We will continue to move forward to advance the priorities identified by Inuit.

Supporting Métis Nation Priorities
We have made significant progress over the last four years on the things that matter to the Métis Nation. We will continue to move forward to advance the priorities identified by the Métis Nation.

Securing Canada’s Place In The World:

Keeping Canada Strong, Secure, And Engaged
In an unpredictable and changing world, Canada needs to stay strong, be secure, and continue to engage on the things that matter most. From the help we give to others to the way we defend our own interests, the kind of world our children and grandchildren will grow up in depends on it.

Leading With Our Values
Canada has earned its place in the world, anchored by a reputation for defending democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. We find ways to work with others while staying true to our own values. For all the challenges we’ve faced as a country, Canadians remain open, accepting, and generous – and the world is better for it.

Supporting Diversity and Growing our Communities
Canada’s story is the story of immigrants – of people who came here seeking a better life for themselves and their families – and of the people who welcomed them. Together, we have helped to grow our economy, build strong communities, create good jobs, and make Canada the best place in the world to call home.