Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Lord Krishna’s Life Lessons Must Be Learned!

krishna janmashtami
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Vishnu’s eighth avatar, Lord Krishna, is one of Hinduism’s most renowned deities. He is credited with changing humanity’s spiritual and chronological fate. Krishna educated everyone on the planet about devotion, dharma, and life’s facts.

Lord Krishna is the most genuine spiritual teacher the universe has ever known. Shri Krishna’s enlightened teachings still have worth and importance in today’s world after so many years.

The majority of Lord Krishna’s words are from the battle of the ‘Mahabharata,’ in which Lord Krishna imparts his wisdom to Arjun.

Always be willing to learn new skills.

Arjun, the Mahabharata’s greatest warrior, learned not just from these masters, but also from his own trials and tribulations. This is a crucial lesson for all pupils to understand. They should learn from their own mistakes and failures in addition to the teacher.

Live in the Here and Now

Whatever transpired was beneficial. Everything is going swimmingly. Whatever occurs will be beneficial. Don’t be concerned about the future. “Be in the moment.” – Krishna, Lord

Bigotry should never be practiced.

He transformed his best friend Sudama’s modest straw house into a castle before Sudama even realized it. Arrogance and intolerance have no place in friendship, as this shows us.

Concentrate on the process rather than the outcome.

We must trust the workings of karma, whether the outcome is positive or negative, because there is no such thing as the undeserved outcome or undeserved pain, according to this law.