Latest update of Coronavirus cases in Canada

Image Source - Google
Image Source - Google

Ontario province is struggling continuously with the transmission of virus and its variant, where the Ontario government is proposing a new set of restrictions to curb a growing tide of coronavirus infections.

If current patterns persist, Ontario may see well over 18,000 new regular COVID-19 infections and up to 1,800 patients in intensive care by the end of May, according to a government source.

Curbing the social interactions is must in B.C. to stop the spread of the deadly variant.

On Thursday, the province confirmed 4,736 new cases, the most since the outbreak began, and 29 new deaths. The number of hospitalizations reached 1,932, with 659 in intensive care units, putting a strain on the healthcare system.

Vancouver Canucks face another fallout as Friday and Saturday games have been postponed.

Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health, Dr. Barbara Yaffe said the province is in a “dire” situation that needs everyone’s help.

“We must all do everything we can to reduce transmission, relieve pressure on our hospitals, and give ourselves more time to implement our vaccine strategy,” Yaffe said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.


Canada had registered 1,096,722 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 6 p.m. ET on Thursday, with 83,142 of them still involved. According to CBC News, 23,500 people died.