Lauren Howe is crowned as Miss Universe Canada 2017.

Judges  last weekend chose Lauren Howe as the most beauteous of them all, from a roster of 65 belles, decorating her with sash and tiara as Miss Universe Canada 2017.

Lauren Howe’s personal spectrum of accomplishments and interests would likely surprise many. For one thing, the new Miss Universe Canada has a degree in industrial engineering.

Raised in Toronto by a single mom, Howe fell into pageantry for practical reasons. Howe was casting about for university scholarships when her mother spotted a news story about how Miss Kentucky had paid off her tuition debt by winnings from his Miss Teen USA title. “It was pretty much a joke from my mom. Like, hey, you can help me with university payments.”

In November, Howe goes off to the Miss Universe contest — previously owned by Trump — in Las Vegas.

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