Liberal MP Raj Grewal “welcomes the challenge” if NDP leader Jagmeet Singh chooses to run against him in Brampton East.

Liberal MP Raj Grewal says if the new NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh chooses to run against him in Brampton East, Ont., in 2019, he would “welcome the challenge” to compete against the man who just won the federal leadership with 53.8 % of the vote on the first ballot and who has represented the same riding provincially for six years.

Raj Grewal said, “I take a lot of pride in serving and working hard there. So, I welcome the challenge in 2019 from the Conservative Party or the NDP.”

In Brampton East, about 60 per cent of the population is South Asian, including 33.8 per cent who are Sikh, 19.5 per cent Hindu, and 7.7 per cent Muslims.

Both Grewal, 32, and Singh, 38, are turban wearing Sikhs who practised law before entering politics.

Jagmeet Singh says he had not decided which riding he would run in in 2019. He said he would want to run in a riding he has a personal connection with.

According to data compiled by Andrew Griffith, an expert on multiculturalism in Canada, Brampton East has a visible minority population of 87.6 % and Scarborough North 90.1 %. Markham Thornhill is the third most ethnically diverse riding in the country with 82 per cent.


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