Husband's sudden demise lead to resignation of Canada's ambassador for climate change.

Meeshika Sharma
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Jennifer MacIntyre, Canada's ambassador for climate change has resigned from the position due to the sudden death of her husband.

She was appointed to the post by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in late June

MacIntyre wrote on twitter, "My husband was always my greatest champion."

MacIntyre, a Cape Bretoner who held a variety of public service posts before the climate position, worked with international stakeholders to advance Canada's clean growth and climate change priorities on the world stage.


"He was so excited for me when I took on this exciting and meaningful job. But it's a job that requires a lot of travel, and I need to be with my children now more than ever."

Her husband, Michael Fink, passed away in October. The couple met when they were each in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was 48 years old.

According to an obituary, he had worked for the National Nuclear Security Administration — contributing to American efforts to “secure weapons-grade nuclear material around the world” — and was dedicated to the cause of nuclear non-proliferation.

“Michael spent the final years of his career with Switzerland’s Arktis Radiation Detectors, and his daughters are always proud to say ‘Daddy works to stop bombs,'” the obituary said.

MacIntyre added that it was an "immense privilege" to advance Canada's climate agenda and expressed confidence that Canada's leadership on the issue will continue.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna issued a statement about MacIntyre's departure on Wednesday from China, where she is accompanying Trudeau on his visit there.

"She was a very effective climate ambassador ... and we will be seeking a replacement for this position in due course," said McKenna.


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