Majority Of Canadians Want Change In Ottawa, 37% Say They’d Vote Conservative: IPSOS

A majority of Canadians say they want to change in Ottawa, with 37 per cent saying they’d vote Conservative if a federal election were held tomorrow compared to 31 per cent who would vote for the Liberals, according to an Ipsos poll.

The poll also showed Conservative leader Andrew Scheer picking up the approval of 36 per cent of respondents, compared to Justin Trudeau‘s 32 per cent.

Scheer was the preferred choice of women (35 per cent) and respondents aged 55 years and over (45 per cent), as well as people whose education had reached a high school level (41 per cent) or who had obtained a diploma (35 per cent).

Trudeau, meanwhile, was the preferred choice of millennials (33 per cent), as well as those with post-graduate education (36 per cent), but that was just within the margin.

Ipsos’ last poll showed 32 per cent saying that the Trudeau government had done a good job and deserved re-election, marking the lowest numbers he had seen since he was elected in 2015.

The latest poll showed that support up by one point, while 67 per cent said it was time for another federal party to govern.

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