Man charged after allegedly attempting abduct a girl child in Toronto.

A 39-year-old Tyrone Bartley of Pickering, faces several charges after he allegedly attempted to abduct a four-year-old girl at a Toronto department store.

Police that a mother and her three children were shopping at a Marshalls store near Warden and Eglinton avenues in the Scarborough area when a stranger approached the little girl. The man tried to start a conversation with the girl but she started to scream and ran to her mother, who confronted him.

The man quickly left the store after the confrontation. The mother told Marshalls’ store security, who called the police.

According to police,the same man was seen waiting outside the store.

Store security lead the mother and her children across the parking lot to their vehicle. But as they were walking, the suspect allegedly ran towards the family and tried to grab the little girl from her mother’s arms.

After a brief struggle, the man ran away and police were able to track him down and arrest him a short distance away. The young girl was not hurt during the altercation.