Man survives plunge into Niagara Falls

Written by ptcnetcanada

Published on : July 10, 2019 2:00

An unidentified man survived a 188-feet plunge into the Lower Niagara River with minor injuries on Tuesday, according to the Niagara Parks Police.
He was swept over one of the waterfalls — Horseshoe Falls — which make up the famous Niagara Falls, CNN reported. The police were called in after the man climbed over the retaining wall. He was swept over the rim, leading to the 188-feet fall into the river.
The responding officers found the man sitting on some rocks upon reaching the site of the incident. He was rushed to the hospital, where it was found that the survivor’s injuries weren’t life-threatening.
Of the three waterfalls which constitute Niagara Falls, Horseshoe Falls is the largest. (ANI)