Marijuana minimum age to be 18 in Alberta

Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley has unveiled draft framework for marijuana legalization in Alberta.The minimum age to buy and consume marijuana in Alberta will be 18 and public possession will be limited to 30 grams when it is legalized by the federal government next year.

Albertans can give feedback on the framework until Oct.27 .Albertans will be able to grow up to four plants per residence, to a maximum height of one metre, and outdoor growing will be banned.

Sales will be limited to specialized stores, which will not be able to sell alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceuticals as well. Hours of operation and buffer zones for stores will be standardized by the province, but haven’t been set yet.

Consumption will not be allowed in vehicles, including passengers and like alcohol, marijuana will have to be out of the reach of the driver.Consumption will also not be allowed in retail stores that means no sampling.


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