Marking Father’s Day:KFC Canada launches world-first Bucket Björn

Written by Meeshika Sharma

Published on : June 15, 2018 6:14

Marking Father's Day:KFC Canada launches world-first Bucket Björn

Celebrating Father’s Day:” Keep Father’s close to their Bucket wherever they go”.

On this Father’s Day, the most popular chain of Chicken restaurants, KFC Canada is giving fathers, a little break from lugging around his bundle of joy, by letting him lug around his bucket of joy instead.Marking Father's Day:KFC Canada launches world-first Bucket Björn

The limited-edition KFC Bucket Björn is sure to make the bond between father and bucket stronger.

For those looking to strut in style this weekend, the KFC Bucket Björn’s ergonomic design features wide, padded shoulder and hip straps to evenly distribute weight across the upper torso.

The KFC Bucket Björn also features a one-of-a-kind sauce pocket and napkin dispenser – good even when Dad licks his fingers clean afterward.

Danielle Ruggles, Associate Manager, Digital Media & Advertising, KFC Canada said, “Whether you’re sitting on the dock, playing a round of golf, or taking in a ballgame this weekend, the KFC Bucket Björn keeps fathers close to their bucket wherever they go.Father’s Day is a time to celebrate all great dads in Canada.  This Sunday let them dig into their finger lickin’ good chicken with both hands.”

Buy this present online, its only till June 16. Let your dad eat in style, Carry the Bucket of Fried Chicken around


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