Mirabel house explosion left three critically injured, wrapped in flames

Meeshika Sharma
New Update

Mirabel is an off-island suburb of Montreal, located in southern Quebec. Three people in their 20s were seriously injured in a house explosion in Mirabel Friday morning, including two men in critical condition with severe burns.publive-image

Police say they received a 911 call about explosions heard shortly after 4:15 a.m. at the home on Saint-Michel St. in the Saint-Janvier neighbourhood.

Neighbours share that they heard three loud bangs and looked out the window to see two men running out of the home. Covered in flames, they threw themselves in the snow. A witness reported that one man's hair was on fire. A woman also ran out of the home as it became consumed in flames.publive-image

A neighbour who is a nurse took the three into her house to care for them. She said all three were in shock. The woman was yelling, “My life is over! My life is over!”


The two men who were badly burned were sent to Montreal’s burn centre for treatment. The woman, who was on the first floor of the home, was less severely injured, and was transported to St. Jerome Hospital. The men were both on the floor below her when the explosions occurred.

Police are investigating the cause of the explosion, though so far were unable to get into the house.Neighbours say the tenants had only been renting the home since mid-December.

The home is destroyed and the two neighbouring houses were damaged.

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