Moss Park Armoury could soon be shelter space for homeless.

Published on : January 4, 2018 5:11

Toronto is trying to open more homeless shelter spots including at the previously-rejected Moss Park Armoury.Moss Park Armoury is a Canadian Forces facility located at 130 Queen Street East, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto Mayor John Tory apologized today for apparent failings in communications in the shelter intake procedures that resulted in some people being told there were no warm bed, mat or chair for them.

Tory said, “There were some mistakes made by people at doors or on phones saying there wasn’t space when in fact there was. I’m sorry for that.”

He shared on social media

“Last night, our Streets to Homes outreach workers encountered 14 people on the street: 3 individuals accepted services and were transported to shelters or elsewhere, 11 people refused services.”

“In December, council directed staff to add 400 additional spaces to the system through winter respite centres, existing shelters and hotel rooms. As of this morning, we are approximately half way through opening those 400 spaces.We are taking action to expand the capacity of the Better Living Centre. As of last night, the facility went from 110 to 140 beds. It will increase to 150 beds tonight.”

“We have been in touch with armed forces personnel since December and based on City staff advice yesterday, we will now be requesting from the Government of Canada formal confirmation that the Moss Park Armoury can be made available as a 24-hour respite centre for up to 100 beds until April 15th.”

“I want to express my thanks to our city staff and the staff of the agencies who work with us sheltering the homeless. No one can doubt the caring and compassion brought to this situation by the people trying to help the homeless.”