Mother gets letter from neighbour annoyed with backyard noise by kids

Newmarket mother received an anonymous letter in their mailbox complaining about the noise her kids make while playing in the backyard.

“I am one of several neighbours who are frustrated with the frequent screaming and shrieking your children make while playing in your backyard…,” part of the letter read.

Shocked to have received the complaint, and frustrated with the anonymity, DeCarios DeBoer, the mother said she would have preferred to have a conversation face to face.

And while there seems to be at least one person upset by the boys’ outdoor playtime, other neighbours who live near the home said they don’t mind it.

Regardless, the town of Newmarket said backyard noise — during the appropriate hours — is completely acceptable.

Newmarket town clerk Lisa Lyons said, “We would not come by and cite someone for playing in their backyard.”

As a mother of four boys, Morgan DeCairos DeBoer admits life can get pretty loud.

She added, “Phoenix is six, Quinn is four, Gabe is two and Benjamin is nine-months-old.They do get on each other’s nerves, they do have whiny [moments] of ‘stop it, don’t do that.’”

And sometimes, she said, her solution is to get them outside to burn off the extra energy.

“Kids shouldn’t always be indoors playing video games,” she said.

She also said, “I feel like my kids aren’t any louder than any other kids in the neighbourhood.Kids do this [points to two of the boys arguing and crying] every once and a while, you just have to deal with it.”