MPP Malhi says- Sikh Heritage including Kamagata Maru will be taught in Ontario Schools

Ontario is helping students to understand Canada’s diverse history and people with the development of new resources on Sikh history and heritage.

Indira Naidoo-Harris, Minister of Education, joined by Harinder Malhi, MPP for Brampton-Springdale and Minister of the Status of Women, was at Sandalwood Heights Secondary School in Brampton today to make the announcement.

The new voluntary curriculum-linked resource, developed in partnership with the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada, will support learning in a variety of subjects and courses for elementary and secondary students, covering topics such as

• Sikh celebrations in Canada and diverse viewpoints on maintaining cultural practices
• Sikh perspectives on global warming and climate change
• The history of Sikh pioneers in Canada and human rights

These tools will provide all students with the opportunity to embrace Canada’s history and diversity, further develop transferable skills, such as critical thinking, and increase their understanding of global issues.
Ensuring students have access to a wide range of learning resources is part of Ontario’s plan to create fairness and opportunity during this period of rapid economic change.

These voluntary curriculum-linked resources are being developed by the following four subject associations: The Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers Association, The Ontario Art Education Association, The Ontario Association of Geographic and Environmental Educators, and The Ontario Library Association in partnership with the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada.