National Cinema Day treats viewers to $4 film tickets

Sunday, August 27, is set to become a cinematic delight as National Cinema Day returns triumphantly, offering an exclusive opportunity for moviegoers to indulge in their favorite films for a mere $4 per ticket. This one-day event allows cinephiles to relish any movie of their choice, in any format, and at any showtime, all at the unbeatable price of $4.

A Phenomenal Offer for Movie Buffs: The upcoming National Cinema Day is poised to provide a treat for movie enthusiasts who have yet to experience the “Barbenheimer phenomenon.” For a limited time, film fans can catch up on the cinematic wonders they’ve missed, all for a nominal fee of $4 per screening.

A Remarkable Success Story Continues: Last year’s inaugural National Cinema Day, held on Saturday, September 3, marked a monumental achievement in cinema. The event garnered an impressive $24 million in revenue, earning a place in history as the day with the highest attendance in 2022.

Expansive Participation Across North America: This year, the event is set to expand its reach even further. With the participation of 3,000 theaters boasting over 30,000 screens across the United States and Canada, National Cinema Day promises a cinematic extravaganza that’s not to be missed.

Fandango’s Key Role: Fandango, a prominent name in the entertainment industry, is a key sponsor of National Cinema Day. Drawing from the success of last year’s Labor Day event, where movie tickets were offered for an astonishing $3, Fandango conducted a comprehensive survey. The survey aimed to discern what elements most appeal to customers should the discounted-ticket promotion return. The results indicated that ticket pricing, the chance to watch specific movie titles, and quality time with loved ones were the most enticing aspects of National Cinema Day.

Preferred Showtimes and Thriving Markets: 
As anticipation builds for the event, patterns in ticket sales have emerged. A substantial 41% of National Cinema Day tickets have been secured for afternoon showtimes. Additionally, 28% of tickets have been eagerly acquired for films scheduled between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Notably, the top three markets enthusiastically embracing this one-day discount are Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto, each demonstrating their enthusiasm for cinematic experiences.

Plan Your Cinema Day: To ensure that cinema enthusiasts can seize this unprecedented $4 deal, visiting will reveal the participating theaters in their local areas. The promotional video for National Cinema Day serves as a tantalizing preview of the cinematic feast awaiting eager moviegoers. As the revered film critic Roger Ebert once aptly said, “I’ll see you at the movies.”

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