Natural gas users want cap-and-trade costs on bills, a survey found.

A survey conducted on the command of the auditor general Bonnie Lysyk suggests that 89 % of Ontarians who use heat natural gas to heat their home want to see the costs of cap and trade clearly displayed on their bills – and so does the auditor herself.

The Ontario Energy Board announced this summer that cost impacts of cap and trade, which comes into effect Jan. 1, will not appear as a separate line item on consumers’ bills for natural gas, which is used to heat most homes in the province.

The Liberal Government’s plan to have companies buy and sell pollution credits to reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions is expected to add about $5 a month to home heating costs.

British Columbia and Quebec include the cost of carbon pricing as a separate line item on bills.

Cap and trade is also expected to add about 4.3 cents a litre to the price of gasoline.