NDP and Liberals call investigation into PC Nominations

The NDP and the Liberal Party are asking for an Ontario Provincial Police probe of questionable nominations of PC candidate for upcoming Provincial Elections as party leader Doug Ford blames ex-party leader, Patrick Brown.

The issue first came into notice on Wednesday when PC candidate Simmer Sidhu from Brampton East suddenly quit after 407 ETR, his former employer, announced it had called York Region police over an “internal theft” of information.

York Regional Police are investigating the data breach.

Though Sandhu has called any allegations aginst himbaseless, but his association with Conservative operative Snover Dhillon, who has twice been convicted of fraud, has fuelled concerns.

Evidences have supported that Snover Dhillon has played an influential role in many of the disputed provincial votes, including in Ottawa and Hamilton.A police investigation into alleged fraud at a PC nomination race in Hamilton is also ongoing.

Kathleen Wynne, Liberal Leader and Ont.Premier cited a news report today raising new and “deeply troubling questions” about the possible political use of customer names, addresses and phone numbers allegedly stolen from the database of toll highway owner 407 ETR.