Nearly 40 people hospitalised in Delta,B.C. due to Carbon monoxide exposure

Emergency responders were called to a greenhouse farm in Delta, BC Saturday evening where over 40 people were suffering from carbon monoxide exposure.

The incident took place at a greenhouse farm called Windset Farms on 41B St., where police say a number of people became ill while pressure washing inside a nursery. Officials say carbon monoxide from the gas engine may have built up because of poor ventilation.

Forty-two people were transported to hospital following the incident.

While only approximately a dozen or so workers showed symptoms, all staff were taken to various hospitals around Metro Vancouver to be checked as a precaution. Eight individuals were taken away by ambulances at the time.

The BC Emergency Health Services update came a few hours later, and revealed that of the more than 40 patients who were taken to hospital, 32 remain in stable condition and 10 are in serious condition.

Deputy Chief Guy McKintuck said it appears combustion-powered pressure washers being used in an insufficiently ventilated area.He said, “[Our crews] weren’t sure what it was at first, but through their investigation, they quickly realized that it was a carbon monoxide incident and they acted accordingly.”

WorkSafeBC is investigating the incident. Carbon monoxide — sometimes referred to as CO — is a colourless, odourless gas released as a byproduct of incomplete combustion, toxic to humans and most other animals.