Netflix should pay provincial sales tax, wants Quebec

Quebec’s National Assembly passes motion requiring all web companies to collect QST.

If Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitao has his way, streaming giant Netflix could soon have to collect Quebec’s sales tax (QST) from its customers.

Leitao says before implementing it,  he first needs to know the details of the deal that Ottawa has signed with Netflix.He said it’s very odd that Ottawa would exempt a company from paying a tax that all companies are expected to collect.

Last week, Netflix agreed to spend $500 million over five years on Canadian content, in exchange for not having to charge its customers the federal goods and services tax (GST).He says, “We need to know why the federal government may exempt this one company-what kind of an agreement was reached with this company?”

A vote in the National Assembly Tuesday on a motion demanding that all foreign web-based companies collect QST from their customers passed unanimously.