New homeowners should check smoke alarms: Brampton Fire

New homeowners in Brampton are advised to check their builder-installed smoke alarms to ensure they are operational after an issue was uncovered recently.

Brampton firefighters discovered a hardwired detector in a home in the area of Wanless Drive and Brisdale Drive that still had the red tape seal affixed to it, making it inoperable.

Brampton fire Division Chief Andrew VonHolt said, “We have just had the one incident that we are aware of.”

He said fire officials have spoken to 4 or 5 of the new homebuilders in the area to make them aware of the issue and remind them to remove tape from the units before they are turned over to the new owners.

He said it is the builder’s responsibility to remove the tape.

But anyone who has purchased a home in the past year, particularly in the Brisdale/Wanless area, should check their alarms to ensure they do not have the tape still on them.

VonHolt said residents should be testing all of their alarms once a month to ensure they are working.