New Mayors Elected As Political Dynasties Fall In Elections Across B.C.

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : October 21, 2018 9:23

As most results for municipal elections are confirmed across British Columbia — the country’s first municipal elections of the year, several political dynasties have toppled in Metro Vancouver

An incredibly tight race in Vancouver saw independent centre-left candidate Kennedy Stewart win with less than 1,000 votes, while the city’s leading party, Vision, was completely knocked out of the game.

In the rest of Metro Vancouver, incumbents lost in Surrey, the region’s second-largest city, and in Burnaby, the epicentre of Canada’s battle for and against the Trans Mountain pipeline.

This is the first province-wide municipal vote since new campaign finance rules that limit corporate and union donations were implemented last fall.

It’s also an election that has prompted a big change in more than a dozen Metro Vancouver cities, where long-term mayors did not seek re-election.

Elections issues have been dominated by themes related to rapid growth, a housing crisis, ongoing gang conflict and transportation woes.

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