New Proposed Rules For Cannabis ‘Edibles’ : Liberals

From cannabis candy to dried meat with marijuana, the federal government has set out proposed new rules on how pot products can be sipped or munched.

The proposed regulations released today on the production and sale of “edibles” also cover extracts and products that can be topically applied to skin, hair and nails. They aim to protect public health with packaging that doesn’t appeal to youth and limits the risk of over-consumption.

The rules propose limiting the amount of THC — the key psychoactive component in cannabis — in individual packages or servings. CBD —​ cannabidiol — is the other primary cannabis compound; it’s believed to have therapeutic pain-relief effects and does not cause users to feel ‘high’.

Health Canada launched a two-month public consultation period on the rules for cannabis-infused food and drinks today and will hold roundtable discussions across the country.