News anchor reads out breaking news about her husband’s death

RAIPUR: It was a routine morning for news anchor Supreet Kaur when she walked into her studio on Saturday. Breaking news came midway through the bulletin: a live phone-in.

And in as composed a voice as she could muster, Supreet read out the news of her husband’s death in a road accident.

Though the phone-in did not name the victims, Supreet got an inkling of the tragedy from the make of the SUV — a Renault Duster — and the accident spot, at Pithora in Chhattisgarh’s Mahasamund district.

It was only after the bulletin ended that Supreet walked out of the studio and called up the reporter to confirm her worst fears — her husband Harsad Kawade was indeed one of the three casualties. “Then she broke down and started calling relatives,” a colleague said.