News media Canada calls for Google’s concerns on Bill C-18 to be addressed

In a high-stakes confrontation between tech giant Google and the Canadian federal government, News Media Canada, representing some of the nation’s most prominent news organizations, has urged Ottawa to consider Google’s specific reservations regarding Bill C-18, known as the Online News Act. With the legislation scheduled to take effect on December 19, a looming deadline has intensified the standoff between Google and the Canadian government.

META’s Impact on Canadian News: Amid this dispute, the absence of Canadian news on Facebook has caught the attention of many. The parent company of Facebook, META, made the significant decision to remove the feature from its platform. This action has led to news outlets, including NetNewsLedger, being unable to post news article links on their Facebook pages. Furthermore, META’s action has effectively restricted Canadian news outlets from posting on Facebook and limited users from sharing news links.

Google’s Stance and Support for News Industry
: Google has been vocal about its concerns and intentions regarding the Canadian government’s approach to the news industry. The tech giant communicated to the Canadian government that it provides a range of products, partnerships, and programs aimed at supporting the news sector and fostering a sustainable environment for journalism.

Bill C-18 and Its Purpose: Bill C-18, inspired by a similar law in Australia, serves a specific purpose within the realm of digital news. The legislation is designed to create incentives for major platforms like Google and Facebook to establish licensing agreements with news publishers. In doing so, it aims to ensure fair compensation for news outlets. Additionally, Bill C-18 encourages smaller publishers to engage in collective bargaining, addressing prevailing power imbalances within the industry.

The clash between Google and the Canadian government, coupled with META’s impact on Canadian news on Facebook, underscores the evolving landscape of the digital news industry and the need for comprehensive legislation that addresses the interests of all stakeholders.

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