Nominations for the 2017 Brampton Citizens Awards close January 31

There is still time to nominate your choice for a Brampton Citizens Award.

The City of Brampton Citizens Awards program recognizes residents who have made a meaningful contribution or have had a significant achievement, as nominated by you.Since 1974, the City of Brampton has been proud to recognize outstanding residents in the community.
Awards are provided in the following categories for achievements made during the 2017 calendar year: Arts Acclaim, Emergency Services Award of Valour, Inspirational Acts, Long Term Service and Sports Achievement. New in 2017 are the Volunteer and Youth Volunteer of the Year awards.
For information on the program or to nominate someone deserving of recognition, visit Brampton Citizens Award
Program Highlights
The Sports Achievement Award recognizes Brampton residents whose achievements have been recognized at the Provincial, National or International level.
The Arts Acclaim Award recognizes individuals whose contribution has had a significant impact in terms of achieving local, Provincial, National or International acclaim.
The Long Term Service Award recognizes dedicated volunteers whose efforts have made a significant impact towards the development and advancement of recreational sports, the arts and community social services.
The Inspirational Award recognizes Brampton residents who advocate for and/or practice humane action, or who have had an inspirational influence on others.
The Emergency Services Award of Valour recognizes an individual or individuals, who voluntarily risked their own life/lives while performing a heroic act to save the life of another person.
New for 2017, the Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a Brampton Volunteer as well as a Brampton Youth Volunteer who have demonstrated all-round community involvement rather than a specific activity or contribution. This award recognizes local residents who build communities and show what can be achieved with passion and determination.
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