ON to launch review of how students are tested.

Premier Kathleen Wynne is going to announce a in depth review of how students are assessed in Ontario, including possible changes to EQAO tests in math and literacy and what skills are measured on report cards.

Today she will share plan to create a panel of experts who will report back to the government this winter with recommendations. The panel of experts will explore ways to more effectively assess whether students in kindergarten through Grade 12 are learning the skills they need for their futures, in both the workplace and as citizens.

The step is taken as a result of growing concern that the system is too focused on EQAO tests which critics say don’t broadly reflect the many skills students need to keep learning such as creativity and critical thinking.

For the second consecutive year, only half of Grade 6 students met the provincial standard, despite the introduction last year of a $60-million math strategy aimed at boosting those results. Among Grade 3 students, 62 per cent met the standard.

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