On Tuesday morning, several schools in the city of London were shuttered after receiving a bomb threat; the situation is now clear

Following a bomb threat that St. Thomas police and London police both described as credible, numerous schools in London were shuttered on Tuesday.

In the early hours of the morning, the London Police Service (LPS) was informed. That a school in the city’s west was the target of an email threat.

Officers visited the high school in the 1300 block of West Oxford Street and performed a preliminary inspection of the structure.

The LPS Canine Unit had conducted a “thorough check” of the building’s interior and outside, according to a statement from London police released.

The St. Thomas Police Service say in a statement that a search conducted by St. Thomas police and the LPS Canine Unit yielded nothing suspicious.

In the meantime, after conducting a search of the facilities at St. Joseph’s High School and Fanshawe College-St. Thomas Campus, police in St. Thomas also gave the all clear about midday on Tuesday.