One Canadian among 3 charged for 2016 terror plot on New York concerts, subways

Meeshika Sharma
New Update

U.S. prosecutors said that Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 19-year-old Canadian citizen  of Mississauga has pleaded guilty to charges of plotting terror attacks in New York City for the so-called Islamic State in the summer of 2016.

The planned attacks, which were prevented by law enforcement, included detonating explosives in Manhattan’s Times Square and in the city’s subway.

The other two charged are Talha Haroon, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen living in Pakistan and Russell Salic, a 37-year-old Philippines citizen. The alleged plot would have targeted New York City in 2016 during the Islamic held month of Ramadan.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale declined to be interviewed but said in a statement “the Government of Canada monitors all potential threats and has robust measures in place to address them.”

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