One million non-medical masks to be distributed to Brampton residents

Written by Ragini Joshi

Published on : July 10, 2020 3:18

One million non-medical masks to be distributed to Brampton residents

Brampton City Council approves Mandatory Face Coverings By-law

Starting Friday, July 10, non-medical masks or face coverings will be required in all indoor public spaces in Brampton to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Following the advice of Peel Public Health, Brampton City Council today passed the Brampton COVID-19 Mandatory Face Coverings By-law, which will remain in effect until October 1, 2020. To support the community in this step, the City is distributing one million non-medical masks to residents, starting with mailing three masks to every household in Brampton.

This temporary by-law will require public establishments and businesses to ensure that masks or face coverings are worn in indoor public spaces under their control.

Spaces where non-medical masks or face coverings will be required include:
• retail stores where goods and services are sold to customers
• businesses that primarily sell food including restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries and convenience stores
• churches, mosques and other places of worship, except during a religious rite or ceremony conducted that is incompatible with the face being covered
• indoor community and recreational facilities
• shopping malls or similar structure which contains multiple places of business
• businesses providing personal care services
• common areas of hotels and motels and other short term accommodations
• libraries, museums, galleries and other similar facilities
• banquet halls, conventions centres, arenas, stadiums and other event spaces
• concert venues, theatres, cinemas, casinos and other entertainment establishments
• premises utilized as an open house, presentation centre, or other facility for real estate purposes
• Personal Transportation Company Vehicles operating within the City of Brampton
• buildings operated by the Municipality
• other businesses, organizations and places that are or may be permitted to operate in accordance with the Emergency Orders.

Individuals and businesses not adhering to this by-law may be fined a minimum of $500 and maximum of up to $100,000 for each offence.

The by-law exempts certain individuals, including those who cannot wear a mask or facial covering due to medical reasons; children under the age of two; individuals engaged in an athletic activity in accordance with the Emergency Orders and individuals consuming food or drink at a permitted establishment (when the Province allows indoor dining to be reopened. For a full list, visit:

As of July 2, non-medical masks are mandatory on all Brampton Transit buses and at terminals.