Ont. Grade 10 curriculum including financial and digital literacy next year.

Published on : November 3, 2017 3:08

The Grade 10 students in Ontario will be learning about financial and digital literacy, starting next year.

The changes were announced today by Education Minister Mitzie Hunter to the career studies course saying that  it will give students the skills they need to succeed.

The suggested new course includes budgeting and financial management, as well as career pathway planning, entrepreneurship and digital literacy.

The changes are the result of  29 pilot projects that were held across the province, and the government says it incorporated feedback in announcing the enhancement of the career studies course.

About 700 students were involved in the pilots, running until June, and their feedback along with teacher input, will be instrumental in redesigning the new course, expected to be in place for the fall of 2018.

The pilot project was described as representing  the first step in modernizing careers curriculum making it more relevant by linking students’ goals for post-secondary school and the workplace with money skills like budgeting, planning and saving that will help them get there.