Parmvir Singh Chahil makes court appearance with bruises and cuts all over his face

Parmvir ‘Parm’ Singh Chahil, 21, of no fixed address, has been charged with one count of aggravated assault.Chahil was found by Peel police, with the assistance of Windsor police, at his mother’s home in Windsor, Ont.

Parmvir Singh Chahil has not been convicted of anything so far in the courts.

The first time Chahil made appearance was after he was arrested in Windsor last week and charged in the alleged beating of a 29-year-old autistic man at the bus station at Square One in Mississauga. He covered up as much as he could to prevent cameras from capturing his image.

Of course jailhouse justice is wrong, but there are times it’s difficult to find fault when inmates take care of things their way. But it’s a different court of opinion behind bars.

Still Chahil didn’t seem to want anybody in court on Monday to see the punishment administered to him over what was a rough weekend in the slammer.

Correction’s insider said, “He got his butt kicked inside (Maplehurst jail) over the weekend. Maplehurst inmates read the papers and watch TV, too.”

On Monday, he couldn’t hide the bruises and cuts all over his face. His forehead was a shade of purple, his right ear was swollen, there was a cut over one eye and a shiner under another. Last time it was the helpless young man taking off his roller skates who got the blows to the head in which he suffered a broken nose. This time it was Chahil who was the victim of a beating.

His lawyer, Amandeep Sidhu, who flew to Toronto all the way in from Abbotsford, B.C., even made the point to the justice of the peace to take a look “at my client’s physical condition.”