‘Pay before you pump’ legislation tabled today in Alberta.

‘Pay Before you Pump’, a new bill aimed at protecting people on the job, specifically gas station workers, was introduced in the Alberta legislature on Monday.

The Bill 19 was introduced by Labour Minister Christina Gray. Its an Act to Protect Gas and Convenience Store Workers, on the first day of the fall session.The bill would require stations to institute pre-paid gas systems.

Gray said, “It also makes violence prevention plans mandatory in retail fuel and convenience stores and outlines requirements for those programs. Mr. Speaker, we said we would take action to protect gas and convenience store workers, Bill 19 is that action.”

The announcement comes after a spate of violent gas and dash incidents occured in Alberta.Two gas station workers have been killed and others seriously injured in gas and dash incidents over the last two years.

Additional violence protection plans, like wearable emergency transmitters for workers, are also included in the bill.

If passed, Bill 19 will be put in place by June 1, 2018.