PC Optimum points stolen from one province , used in another

A London couple was left rattled after they say they had more than 300,000 PC Optimum points stolen and redeemed at a Quebec PharmaPrix. Mike and Heather Prangley say it was a long road to getting those points back.

Mike Prangley said he checked his PC Optimum app on February 24, and noticed that he was missing several hundred thousand points, and that his first name had been replaced on the account with someone else’s.

Prangley said, “It said that the night before I had redeemed 310,000 points at the Shoppers equivalent in Quebec. I was not in Quebec the night before, and obviously someone [had] stolen these points off of our card.”

Prangley said he called the PharmaPrix owner, who was able to confirm the date and time that the points were redeemed.

“She said it seemed really suspicious what he was doing, but there’s no check and balance on the PC card.It’s just if you’ve got the balance on your PC Card you can just go in and use it; you don’t have to show any ID or any proof.”

Although Prangley said he was able to quickly find out where his points had gone, it was more difficult to get them back.

Heather Prangley said the couple contacted PC Optimum’s customer service ‘9 or 10’ different ways to try to rectify the situation, including calls, tweets, e-mails and instant messages.

She said that all in all, it took more than two weeks for them to get a response from someone who was able to reset the points balance.