Peel police warning entrepreneurs about surge in counterfeit money.

Published on : November 18, 2017 1:35

Peel Regional Police is warning local area business of a recent spike in counterfeit $100 Canadian dollar bills that has been circulating in the region.

Past week the Halton Regional Police Service also warned local merchants and residents of a surge in reported counterfeit $100 bills circulating in the region.

Peel’s Fraud Bureau said it has received 30 counterfeit currency reports in Brampton and Mississauga over the last month, all involving the same counterfeit bills of the new polymer design.The incidents involve currency being passed during food delivery, as well as retail businesses.

The bills that have been seized are on polymer paper and have the serial number FKW4346846.

After handling the bills for a short period of time the ink will lift quite quickly.

Investigators are asking business owners and retail outlets to be extra cautious when accepting Canadian $100 bills.

Police have offered the following suggestions:

• Consumers and retailers should examine paper currency that they receive during the course of a transaction.

• The hologram on the $100 bill fades from gold to green when viewed from different angles.

• Anyone dealing in cash transactions should be aware of the security features of Canadian currency which are intended to deter counterfeiting and identify counterfeit bank notes.