Person with proven neutrality and fairness should probe sacrilege events: SAD

Chandigarh: The Shiromani Akali Dal today demanded that the Commission of Inquiry to go into incidents related to the sacrilege of holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib be headed by a judge with “proven neutrality and fairness whose conduct and credentials should be beyond reproach and free from any shadow of suspicion on integrity, fairness and political allegiance in public minds.”

In this regard, the party demanded opposed the name of Justice Ranjit Singh (Retd) to head this panel and said that he should be replaced by someone whose fairness and neutrality should inspire unanimous confidence in the minds of the people of Punjab in general and the Sikhs in particular

“Shiromani Akali Dal strongly supports any move to unearth the conspiracy behind this shocking and unforgiveable chain of events. Although the police and central agencies are already working to unravel the truth in the matter, we still welcome any additional effort including the setting of a commission of inquiry to further help in the matter. But choosing someone on whose neutrality there are already question- marks and whose political allegiance has been a subject of considerable controversy in the past would rob the verdict of credibility and public confidence.”

In statement here, senior Akali leaders S Balwinder Singh Bhunder, Prem Singh Chandumajra and Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal said that the judge chosen by the Congress government to head the inquiry into the spate of such events over the past couple of years or so raises many eye brows. “ The anti-Akali bias and prejudice with which Justice Ranjit Singh (Retd) has always been associated is well known.

The Choice of his name to conduct a probe into a case of such great religious sensitivity and such critical political and social implications is certain to raise doubts about the real motives behind the probe. This would mean that the probe would appear to be politically motivated right from the start.”

The Akali leaders said that Justice Ranjit Singh (Retd) is very closely related to a political leader whose hatred for Akalis is the beginning and the end of his politics. Till recently, this leader was the loudest mouth piece of the Congress to defend the party against allegations of its anti-Sikh convictions, conduct and actions such as the army assault on Sri Harmandar Sahib and the genocide of the Sikhs by the Congress murderers in 1984 .

There is wide spread impression about the similar persistent hatred of Akalis and Sikhs in the actions and pronouncements of the concerned judge, said the Akali leaders, demanding that he be replaced by a judge who enjoys across-the-board respect.

— PTC News