Pilot in fatal plane crash reported losing power before landing

A U.S.-based safety board has released the early findings of their investigation into a plane crash last month that killed three members of a family from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

The National Transportation Safety Board stated Saturday that 58-year-old Joseph Robertson, the pilot of the small aircraft that departed from Pembroke, Ont., and crashed July 30 in rural Maine, reported a loss of power to air traffic control before his plane went down.

Robertson, his 58-year-old wife Anita and their 24-year-old daughter Laura died at the scene. The family were on their way to a vacation in Charlottetown.

According to the report, Robertson told air traffic control that he had the Greenville Municipal Airport in sight and intended to land on runway 14.

Two witnesses mentioned in the report described what they saw from the airport as the plane crashed in a field about 91 metres from the approach end of runway 21.