Pilot killed in the crash of a CF-18 fighter jet identified as Capt. Thomas McQueen.

The Military has identified the pilot killed in fighter jet crash as Caption Thomas McQueen, 29 of Hamilton.
The single-seat fighter crashed during a routine training mission over the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range in Saskatchewan.An investigation is underway to determine what went wrong.
Col. Paul Doyle, commanding officer of 4 Wing Cold Lake, said Capt. Thomas was engaged to be married and his fiancee lives in the Cold Lake area.
Col.Doyle shared with media on Tuesday, “I can tell you first-hand how much of an incredible person he was and that he was dedicated to the service of Canada.His energy and dedication caused him to be recognized as the leader among his peers. He will be and is forever missed.”
At least 10 pilots have died in crashes of CF-18s since the military bought 138 of the jets for $5 billion in 1980.