PM Modi heads a UN Security Council debate and urges for the reduction of trade obstacles in the maritime sector.

PM Modi
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the UN Security Council’s High-Level Open discussion on Monday that the “prosperity of all” is based on the active flow of maritime trade and that any impediment to it can jeopardize the entire global economy. During a video conference debate on ‘Enhancing Maritime Security: A Case for International Cooperation,’ PM Modi stated that sea routes are the lifeline of international trade and that the common maritime legacy is facing severe difficulties.

He proposed five fundamental concepts for maritime security strategy, one of which was “resolution of maritime disputes on the basis of international law. We should remove impediments to legal maritime trade since our prosperity is predicated on the active flow of maritime trade, and any impediment to it threatens the entire global economy,” he said.

“The ocean is our common history. Our sea routes are the lifeline of international trade, and the most important thing is that these seas are very vital for the survival of our planet,” he added. “However, our shared maritime heritage is facing many challenges today.”

He stated that many countries have maritime issues because water channels are being used for piracy and terrorism. “In addition, climate change and natural disasters are tied to the maritime realm,” he added. The prime minister stated that the international community should work together to address natural disasters and marine dangers posed by non-state entities.

PM Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to preside over a United Nations Security Council meeting. Several heads of state and government from UN Security Council member nations, as well as high-level briefers from the UN System and significant regional organizations, are attending the meeting.