PM Modi is in close contact with officials regarding the withdrawal of Indians from Afghanistan.

PM Modi
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According to insiders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in frequent contact with officials regarding the evacuation of Indians from Afghanistan and was taking stock of the situation till late Monday night.
He was informed when the flight to Afghanistan took off, transporting 120 Indians, including the Indian ambassador and embassy personnel, to the Jamnagar airbase in Gujarat. According to sources, the Prime Minister directed that enough arrangements be made to secure sustenance for all those who travelled to Jamnagar.

According to them, India parked its C-17 aircraft, which was used to evacuate Indians from Afghanistan on Tuesday, at Ayni Air Base in Tajikistan due to a large crowd at Kabul airport. The Indian planes were on standby at Ayni Air Base, and the C-17 aircraft flew to Kabul after the US, which controls Kabul Airport, gave the go-ahead.

According to the reports, India is also looking at hiring charter planes to remove more Indians from Afghanistan. They stated that the Indian Embassy in Kabul is not closed and that consular services are being provided by local officials.

According to the sources, around 1,650 persons have applied to return to India. On Sunday, the Taliban stormed Kabul and took possession of the presidential palace. Given the country’s deteriorating security situation, India has issued periodic travel and security recommendations to all Indian nationals in Afghanistan.