Police finds 7th set of human remains in Bruce McArthur’s planters

Less than two weeks after alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur was charged with a sixth count of murder, Toronto police have discovered a seventh set of human remains in garden planters seized from the grounds of a midtown home where the 66-year-old worked as a landscaper, CBC News has learned.

The grisly discovery is just one of a host of details to be announced by police at a news conference Monday morning, a source close to the investigation revealed. Michael Pollanen, Ontario’s chief forensic pathologist, will be on hand with lead investigator Det. Hank Idsinga to update the public on the case.

The seventh set of remains have yet to be identified and it is not yet known if they are linked to any of the missing men from earlier police investigations, said the source. Whether McArthur will now face a seventh charge as a result is not yet known.

Mounting evidence of a possible serial killer in the Gay Village has roiled an already rocky relationship between Toronto’s LGBT community and police, with many criticizing the force for failing to acknowledge fears that cases of men going missing from the area were no coincidence.

Dozens of officers have now been assigned to the investigation, which Idsinga has said has expanded to include “hundreds of outstanding missing person cases,” old murders and some “sudden deaths.”