Police say a 12-year-old crashes stolen car into Brandon bus.

Police allege that a 12 year old was driving a stolen car that blew through a red light, colliding with a bus that careened into a Brandon, Manitoba building on Friday.

The bus careened into the corner of a building, where it remained overnight as repair crews feared the building would collapse if the bus was removed.Tenants in the building were forced to leave overnight  because of safety concerns.

Police were informed that a 2011 Lincoln MKS was stolen from 4th Street Friday at about 3:30 p.m. CT. A short time later the driver of the eastbound sedan sped through a red light at the corner of Princess Avenue and 10th Street, colliding with a northbound transit bus.

The boy is arrested in connection with the theft and crash. He was charged with vehicle theft and a number of highway offences.

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