Post the record-high budget Saskatchewan will now hire 300 continuing care aids!

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The health budget for Saskastchewan’s was record high spending for the year 2021-2022, but now many people are raising questions as they feel this budget does not meets long term care.
For the province, on Tuesday a rough budget was presented of $17 billion covering up the health costs, making it more than one third of the total cost.

The Saskatchewan Party government has hired 300 more continuing care aids as the promised in the campaign but this is now spread for three years instead of one.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees has also raised voice to address the issues in relation to the understaffing and infrastructure challenges.

Everett Hindley, the senior minister briefed the media that less than half of the promised number will be hired in the budget year.

Giving a statement to the media he said, “We’ve got funding committed for and we’ll be hiring in this current budget year.. It’s part of the overall commitment which is the 300 , and that we want to get in the province.”
“Our commitment is to hire 300 (CCAs) in the province and a good number of people will be hired this budget year. We would want to hire them as soon as possible, also keeping in mind that there’s training that has to take place.
“Our full intention is to hiring the full complement of 300 CCSs. This year, the budget allotment is to hire the first 108 (CCAs) in Saskatchewan and we’ll hire the rest soon.”

In addition to this, Hindley said that $500,000 has been set aside for planning the replacement of Regina’s Pioneer Village.