Powerful Winter Storm To Blast Every Province From Ontario To P.E.I.

Many in Ontario and Quebec have seen reports of a storm with significant snowfall on the way for the weekend, but those predictions may not be telling the whole story.

The provinces are still being closely monitored for their storm pattern, with small changes expected to cause significant shifts in snowfall across the region with over 60 cm of snow expected on the American side of the border, just south of Lake Ontario.

According to Doug Gillham, a meteorologist with The Weather Network, “the best model in the world” had very little snow projected in Toronto for the weekend, just a couple of centimetres, while all the other models had a high-impact storm for the whole 401 corridors with 20 to 30 cm expected.

The latest updates to the models have now put the predictions closer together but it’s still a “tricky forecast” for weather experts to nail down, with large ranges in snowfall across short distances.

Band of lake effect flurries continues to drift north thru Toronto & east GTA. Just a dusting for most, but very fluffy flakes that can readily add up to 1-3 cm where flurries are most persistent – but very little substance to the snow (easy to brush off car etc.)