PTC Network’s Managing Director Rabindra Narayan awarded as the Global Inspirational Leader 2022 at the House of Lords & VSC, London.

PTC Network’s Managing Director and President, Rabindra Narayan has been honoured as the Global Inspirational Leader 2022 at the Global Business Conclave 2022 event held at the House of Lords & VSC in London.

The two lords, Lord meghnad Desai And Lord Swaraj Paul, along with a member of parliament named Varinder Sharma, presented the award at the ceremony.

“We are honoured to act as the link between all of the Punjabis around the world,” stated Rabindra Narayan after receiving the prize during the ceremony. This honour is given to Punjabis in recognition of their unwavering devotion to their adopted nations and regions everywhere they travel.

 The Father of Punjabi Satellite Television Rabindra Narayan is a veteran Journalist who has worked as a theatre artist, and is also credited with launching the first Punjabi television station ever and bringing Gurbani to a global audience.

When asked about his leadership style he said, “The ideal leadership style for a leader is to be able to work shoulder to shoulder with the lowest level worker in the company only then they make you a leader.”

His most notable accomplishment was the production of the first-ever multi-media stage performance in Punjabi, Aazaadi De Taraaney, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence.

While talking about his further plans for the channel and UK’s Punjabi audience, Rabindra Narayan shared, “We will shortly be planning to set up a state-of-the-art studio in London that will enable coverage of current events, entertainment, and cultural happenings and give Punjabis’ work a global audience.